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Published on May 19, 2009 By baldgye In PC Gaming

Ok, so I've been playing FPS's since I was about 5 years old, and some of my oldest memories are of me and my dad playing Doom on a LAN, and completing Doom, Doom 2 and Hexen. I've been a PC gamer much longer than a console gamer, but I still love my PSX, PS2 and PS3... and yes the PS2 is the best console EVER!...
...anyway, I decided to do this top 10, just so I knew how games I've played stacked up against the best.

10. Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is one of best games of last year, and if it wasn't for the fact that I'm an MGS fanboy it would have been my GOTY. That said, its not the best action FPS. Instead its a full blown RPG in an FPS shell, and it does this so well that its the most fun I've had in a long, long time. I've played it for almost 100 hours and still have new places to explore, and that’s not counting the DLC.

9. Prey

When this game came out I didn't know what to think. But the game play is super tight, the guns are crazy, and then the physic's. This was the first game I'd played that introduced the idea of portals appearing at random, add to that environments that didn't have a set gravity, where enemies would come from all sides, literally. There are puzzles you have to solve that seem to happen on levels that at one point are the size of a tennis ball, and then next seems as big as a small moon. Add to all that its no compromise gore, and it is a great FPS.

8. Call of Duty 4

This game seems to be hated by a lot of people for being a casual FPS for n00bs. Well I'm pretty sure its because those guys suck. The single player experience is like nothing else I've played in the last few years. And the loading screens are insane... you never leave the action... even when your waiting for the levels to load your getting a fully 3D map of the city you are suppose to be attacking and then smooth as silk will zoom in straight into the 1st person perspective and boom your back in the game. And then there is the multiplayer. The MP really was a revolution. In pretty much every MP game since CoD4 there are XP points for kills shown on screen, a lot even use the same damage 'X' when you land a shot. I have spent a lot of time on the MP levelling up customising my guns setting the diff camo when I unlock it. GOTY for 2007 no doubt.

7. Unreal Tournament

Now this isn't the original, but the whole series of games, as they seem to evolve, and change only slightly in game play. I have no real preference between any of them. I just need the latest copy of UT, because I know its going to be fast paced, crazy non stop action with pretty good a pretty good AI. Now only that each UT brings a whole new level of graphics that are like little else. And I still think that UT3 is one of the best looking games out their... and that’s saying something.

6. Portal

This would be higher if the game was longer. This game is one of the most amazing an unique experiences I've ever had in an FPS. And is the only FPS I've played where I haven’t killed anyone or anything directly for the entirety of the game. Love it.

5. Battlefield 2

The fun I used to have playing this. Me and my brother would play this for hours and hours for days and days for about 2 years since it came out. It was, and still is amazing. Its by far the best FPS MP only game with vehicles I've ever played. Joining a game with 64 other people was like nothing else. Trying to out snipe the other teams top sniper and then trying to find places where you could hide, without getting noticed, so much fun. It also had a levelling up which I really liked, and I think this game could have been in the top 3 if it wasn't for the fact that EA stopped support it, and from the outset it was plagued with untold bugs. But even with all those problems its still one of my top FPS's of all time.

4. Counter Strike Source

When I was at school till about a year ago I played this game every night for about 5 hours. That’s about 4 years I played this game every night. Admin’s of servers would kick me from there server because they though I was cheating. I used to be able to get headshots and I would only be using my default pistol. I played this game an unhealthy amount. And when my friend set up a dedicated server for it, it only got worse. Then we would endlessly play maps (just the two of us) trying to find secrets, and playing around with the hundreds of mod’s that where out their. I used to play the surf maps, maps where you had to climb an insane number of randomly shaped boxes to get to the top so you could get a gun and kill the other people getting up. There are zombie mod’s that inspired Valves latest game. The way this game is designed is almost perfect in its simplicity, and then its wrapped up in the ever evolving steam and its even better.

3. Half Life 2

With this I'm counting in all its add-on packs. This game does what FPS's should do, and does them perfectly. Open world? No thanks. A super tight liner game that leads you through this incredible new world? Yes please. A super insane high res engine? No thanks. An engine so robust and well designed that it looks pretty incredible on high end rigs and looks good and plays just the same on crappy old rigs? Yes please. Not only that but the physic's in the game are second to non. The gravity gun has pretty much changed FPS games for ever. The fact that you can pick up nearly any item and throw it or drop it brings so much more to the FPS genre. Moving objects to act as a shield, stacking u boxes to get into secret area's. This game is the highest rated on meta critic for the PC for a reason.

2. Quake 2

This game is very close to perfect for me. Using the Doom logic of shoot everything that moves or looks like its going to move was what id did best, and this is one of the best examples of it, EVER. Not only that, but it has a surprisingly good story for a run and gun, although the story definitely plays second fiddle. The graphics for the time where insane. But the most important thing it brought to FPS's was the use of the mouse and keyboard. Before Q2 games used a weird combination of they keyboard for looking around and the mouse for movement. In Q2 you use the mouse to look around your environment, and the keyboard to move around. Now I'm not sure if it was the first game to implement this system, but it was defiantly the first game that did this that I ever played. It also had an incredible soundtrack that I still have and listen to, mostly done by Sonic Mayhem it was awesome having it blasting out as you shot the s*** into anything and everything. It was called The Best Game Ever by PC Gamer, and went on to sell over one million copies, it was also the most popular online game for all of 1998. This game defines the FPS genre. The mod’s and add-on packs that came out later further added more and more game play to it. Quick start was the one I played the most, and this added bots and a whole bunch of MP features to it, making it a fully featured game, and my second FPS of all time.

1. Doom 2

This game is perfect. Everything it does, it does perfectly. This is one of the first games I've ever played and one of the hardest. I used to play with my Dad at his office over the LAN that he had gotten the bosses to set up so he could play Doom 2 over it with everyone on his floor. I recently bought it on Steam as my computer doesn’t have a floppy drive and I couldn't be bothered with dos-box. And I could still remember every level, where all the secrets are and it was still fun to play. The fact that a game from 1994 is still as much fun as any modern FPS shows that this is something very, very special. Not only that but its still very much a challenge, the last boss of Doom 2 is probably one of the hardest end bosses I've ever played. Most people would rate Doom over Doom 2, but for me Doom 2 is number one due to a mixture of fond memories and insane game play. I can only end this one way, IDKFA and IDDQD.

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on May 19, 2009

10. Far Cry

9. Team Fortress 2

8. Deus Ex

7. Painkiller

6. TimeSplitters

5. F.E.A.R.

4. Half-life 2

3. Halo:CE

2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadows Of Chernobyl

1. GoldenEye 007

on May 19, 2009

Call of Duty 4

Half life 2

Half life

Team Fortress 2


Day of Defeat Source

Goldeneye (64)


Not 10 shooter and not in any particular order. What can I say Valve knows how to make a good FPS or 10

on May 19, 2009

I would have thought Bioshock would definitely get a look into at least one of the lists so far...

on May 19, 2009

Halo 1-3

Star Wars Republic Commando (Best star wars game to date)

Killzone 2

Call of Duty

Rainbow Six Vegas

Gears of War 2

BattleField Bad Company (Muiltiplayer)

Mass Effect/Fallout 3

on May 19, 2009

The only two FPS games that ever kept my attention all the way through them were "No One Lives Forever" I and II.

Combine "Our Man Flint", "Matt Helm" and "Get Smart", Make agent 99 the protaganist, and you have "No One Lives Forever".

Just sayin' - Jonnan

on May 19, 2009

11. Painkiller

10. Far Cry

9. TimeSplitters

8. Team Fortress 2

7. Deus Ex

6. Star Wars Republic Commando

5. F.E.A.R.

4. Half-life 2

3. Halo:CE

2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadows Of Chernobyl

1. GoldenEye 007


I knew there was one I forgot

on May 19, 2009

No system shock 1 & 2? And you call yourselves gamers?

on May 19, 2009

Half Life all, Deus Ex, Call of Duty 4, Halo all, Team Fortress All, L4D, GoldenEye 007, Battlefield 2, FEAR, Counterstrike and TimeSplitters.


Ya once again more than 10 but they are all sweet... 


Tamren well System Shock was before my time but thank god I got to play Deus Ex... isnt that close enough...

on May 20, 2009

10. Far Cry9. Team Fortress 28. Deus Ex7. Painkiller6. TimeSplitters5. F.E.A.R.4. Half-life 23. Halo:CE2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadows Of Chernobyl1. GoldenEye 007

I really don't like how it plays. I got it on PC and didn't like it. Got it on PS3 and liked it more, but still not enough to even finish it.


but thanks for the comments guys, didn;t think anyone would even read it!

on May 20, 2009


comment 1
10. Far Cry9. Team Fortress 28. Deus Ex7. Painkiller6. TimeSplitters5. F.E.A.R.4. Half-life 23. Halo:CE2. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadows Of Chernobyl1. GoldenEye 007

I really don't like how it plays. I got it on PC and didn't like it. Got it on PS3 and liked it more, but still not enough to even finish it.


but thanks for the comments guys, didn;t think anyone would even read it!


Which game is this about?


Anyway I posted here earlier but the forum ate 2 of my posts, so I won't explain it all again.


1. Deus Ex by a clear mile

2 STALKER shadow of chernobyl


4. COD4

5. Halflife 2/Counterstrike/Unreal

No particular order of awesomeness except Deus Ex.

on May 20, 2009



it was aout bioshock!

on May 20, 2009

1. The FPS mode in TA:Spring


2. Star Wars Republic Commando


3. Halo series


4. Battlefield 1942


5. Star Wars Battlefront 2


thats it...


on May 20, 2009

1. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC)

2. Medal of Honor 2: Heroes (Wii)

My only favorites.  I only own about 5 FPS's.


on May 21, 2009

1) Tribes 1
2) BattleZone 1
3) Deus Ex
4) Serious Sam
5) Tribes 2
6) Far Cry 1
7) Unreal Tournament 1
8) Duke Nukem 3D
9) Star Trek Elite Force 2
10) Half Life 1

on May 21, 2009

Portal isn't really a shooter...


I second the no system shock comment.  It's an icon of the modern fps.


I'm surprised to see UT in your list, but not Unreal.  Badass weapons, really badass enemies, revolutionary enemy AI at the time, a far better story than any of it's peers had.  The maps were beyond their time too.  UT this, UT that, it's always overshadowed.  A decent arena game, but nothing like it's big brother.

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