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Published on June 7, 2009 By baldgye In Everything Else

Yes, I know this is a site that only deals in PC gaming... but hell, my 'Top 10 PS2 Games' post got over 2000 views...


...anyway, I'm one of a number of PC gamers who also owns a PS3, and I seem to be the only one constantally dissapointed with it and no I'm not talking about games. I'm talking about how it works, how its OS displays information, and how you communicate with your friends. Things that can be (realativly) easily fixed, so here are some of the biggest things I want to see happen in the near future;


1. VoIP . When I'm playing PC games with my friends, I open an xifre chat window type some abuse at one of my friends and then call them to shout at them. Why can't I do this on the PS3 while doing something else like... launching a game?! Sure you can do it and then look at your home screen and you can do it once you've connected to the same server in some MP game, so why the hell can't you call your friend, fire up a game, chat while its loading, then tell your friend which server your in, join, kick his ass?!


2. Proper orgnsation . My 'games' list is a total mess, and a big mess at that. I have pretty much every game worth buying on the PSN installed on my PS3, on top of that I also have a shitload of demo's installed... So why the hell can't I manually move items up and down in the list?! Its such a simple thing to ask for, yet Sony have yet to impliment it! Although I really think that Sony should go beyond that and have 2 coloms for games, in the center is the game disc and then below you have 2 coloums, one for demos and another for full games.


3. The ability to fully install PSX games . Ok, so I have this large library of PSX games, all of which are on CD's. The games are tiny in size, my PS3's HDD is huge in comparison, No one is going to pirate PSX games anymore, so why the hell can't I copy/install my PSX games onto my PS3 changing disc's is a hassle I shouldn't need to have to worry with when the games are smaller than PS3 game saves!


4. Proper background downloads . I mean so I can download a game/demo from the PSN, fire up another single player game and for that download to contiune to download, in the background, like I wanted it to do, like I asked my PS3 to do for me.


5. To play PS2 games . I'm on my 2nd PS2 which is almost dead, and I've not long bought this £400 PS3, and I can't even play my old games on it....WTF, yeah I know your still making money on PS2 sales... so fine make it a £50 downloadable emulator, fine I'll pay it and I know alot of people that would, so stop being ass-holes and give your user base what they want damnit!



-when you come across a spelling mistake or typo then you win a prize.

on Jun 07, 2009

Things I want from Sony

my money back


on Jun 07, 2009

What do I want from Sony? A new design for the PSP Go. That thing's hideous.



Here's another mistake. What do I win?

on Jun 08, 2009


Things I want from Sony
my money back




I want nothing from Sony. cheap junk that is not worth the price.


on Jun 08, 2009

hear hear! 


At least give us some crummy PS2 software emulation for those without EE chips.


Also, why when I purchase a super elite 160GB PS3, do I recieve a model without memory stick slot?